About Us

About Us

We have set new standards in the water purification industry by not selling what we have but giving what is Needed..!! Our Company has always been in the forefront of innovation, looking for new concepts of designing purification products which achieve highest quality. We are always in the search for new technologies at the same time refining our existing products to give you complete purity in every drop. As of now, we have three technologies viz. UV, Ozone and RO. Your choice will depend upon input water condition and usage requirements.

Advantages of Aqua Drop's

No Boiling Required

No Harmful Chemicals

Zero Water Wastage




Drinking Water




Swimming Pools

Company Values

Corporate values and ethical behavior of employees are strictly maintained, while adhering to quality norms. We also make integrated environment friendly techniques, while manufacturing our superior water purifiers and thus play a major role in the service of the society, by developing solutions to many water- based problems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to technologically upgrade the water purification and water treatment systems in India by bringing in a steady stream of advanced products and technology and to provide one stop solutions for any kind of water purification and water treatment needs to the people.